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SNap undertakes project management starting from Architect assignment until project handing over. The tasks fulfilled by SNap as part of the pre-construction phase will be the following:

  • Assisting the project owner in assigning the architect
  • Preparing a detailed budget for the works to be carried
  • Preparing a fully detailed schedule of works
  • Coordination with the design team to transmit the owner’s requirements
  • Preparing the bidding procedure
  • Finalize the preliminary negotiations with the different contractors.
  • Assign the contractors after getting the owner’s approval
  • Prepare all contractual documents with the different contractors and suppliers

The tasks that will be fulfilled by SNap as part of the construction phase will be the following:

  • Site Mobilization
  • Preparation of the necessary project paper work
  • Coordination among contractors
  • Coordination with the Quality control team
  • Checking the payment certificates presented by the different contractors
  • Preparing the purchase orders for items bought directly by the owner
  • Preparing site coordination meeting with contractors and Quality control team
  • Issuing the handing over certificates to the different contractors after getting the quality control team’s approval.
  • Finalizing the contractors final payment certificates in coordination with the owner


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